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Last Friday of each month

Centennial Square

Assemble: 6:30

Ride leaves: 7:00

Prior to 2008, Critical Mass in Victoria was mostly nonexistent. A few people had tried to get it going, but other than an out-of-date website and a Facebook group with only 2 members, nothing was happening.

In January 2008, a group of Moonlight Midnight Mystery Ride enthusiasts stumbled upon the Facebook group and tried to jump-start participation. But rain and wind are a big deterrent, and the first few ride were very small. By mid-summer the momentum had been lost.

In the spring of 2009, a new group sprang up at UVic, and the rides centered around environmental and STV protests. There were posters around campus that generated a lot of interest. Both rides had around 100 in attendance. However, with the end of the semester came the end of the resurgence.

In May 2009, a new Facebook group called "Critical-er Mass etc Victoria" was created. The group eventually changed its name to "Victoria Cycling Events" to accommodate a variety of other group rides and happenings. Because many people aren't able to make it to a 5:00 pm ride, the start-time changed to 6:30 (rides leave Centennial Square at 7:00), and there have been Critical Mass rides ever since.

You are the Critical MassEdit

Critical Mass is monthly cycling event that belongs to anyone and everyone.

To some, it is a protest for environmental concerns. Others see it as a way to raise awareness of cycling and to promote investment in cycling infrastructure. And some people just think it's fun to ride around downtown in a large group.

There is no one in charge. There is no preplanned route. Come out, have fun, and see what happens!

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