Hey there. My name is Nick and I am a student looking at subcultures of transportation. I am looking to see anyone's opinions on your motto

"We don't cause traffic, we are traffic?"

For my project I am looking for the following questions to be studied • How do different transportation subcultures on or near campus (or Irvine? or OC? or So Cal???) think of one another? • What kinds of attitudes do they have toward each other? Are there conflicts between people who choose different modes of transportation? • Do conflicts exist because of the transportation, the local geography (maybe the geography favors one group over another), or the people themselves?

Hello Nick,

I would say that in the US where the population has been spoiled by modern conveniences and mislead by poor policy decisions from the top, the attitude between people who use different transport modes is hostile. In countries where the cost of energy is much higher, there is better utilization between different modes of transport offered by complete streets (walking, biking, public transport and the SOV). In those countries, people who use different modes of transport are far more tolerant of one another. I have witnessed this first hand while living there, especially in Germany and Holland.

There is a wealth of information written about this topic on Professor John Pucher's site Also see Professor Shoup urban planning of UCLA and you are probably aware of Complete Streets at -Les

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