Star ride in Berlin in 2007; the photo shows a part of the demonstration at Siegessäule.

A bicycle star ride is an event where cyclists start from different locations and ride to a central place.

Star Ride in Berlin and BrandenburgEdit

The yearly star ride in Berlin and Brandenburg is a famous and the world biggest bicycle demonstration. The event startet first on June 05, 1977 with the aims to make cycling more safely and attractive. Organiser of this demonstration is the ADFC Berlin and Brandenburg, the ADFC is the most known bicycle lobby in Germany. The participation has increased continously; in 2007 and 2008 up to 250,000 cyclists were officially counted.


Official data from the Berlin ADFC.

Year 20082007200620052004200320022001200019991998199719961995
Meeting places8082818175-5756------


  • 2008: "Berlin fährt Rad" (English translation: "Berlin is cycling")
  • 2007: "Respekt für Radler" (English translation: "Respect for bikeriders")


Star Ride in HamburgEdit


Fahrradsternfahrt 1979

Star ride in Hamburg in 1979.

The history of bicycle demonstrations in Hamburg began in the seventies of the las century. At that time big demonstrations against nuclear power plants were held and many initiatives get involved with environmentalism and against nuclear power plants. In this period bicycle demonstrations took place promoting alternative transportation and bicycles.

After the ADFC was founded in 1981 the tradition of the star rides in Hamburg should be continued but the participation decreased from year to year and the rides terminated. In 1995 the bicycle demonstartions were reactivated by an alliance "Mobil ohne Auto" ("Mobile without cars"). Since 2005 the regular star rides took place every year.


Official data from

Year 2008200720062005200420032002

Star Ride in CologneEdit

An alliance of bicycle-, environment- and transport groups/initiatives/organisations arranged the first Cologne's Star Ride on the "Mobil ohne Auto day (en: "Mobil without car") on June 15, 2008. About 300 cyclists took part. The slogan of this ride was "Autofrei - Spaß dabei" (English: "Carfree - Having fun").

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