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Songs about Critical Mass.

Note: Don't add copyrighted song lyrics.


"Critical Mass" by Ben HerringtonEdit

Subversion has Two WheelsEdit

  • by the Grand Rapids, Michigan hardcore band Prophet of a Dawn
  • 2001 (?)
  • Duration: ~56 seconds
  • Genre: Hardcore
  • Source: [1]
  • Quotation of the song text at the end: "Power the pedal! Ride your bike... Go!"
  • Music video:
  • Production Company: Media Mouse
  • Quotation from the video site (BTW: Opensource Movie) [1]:
"The video features footage of the Grand Rapids Critical Mass ride, a monthly mass bike ride promoting alternative transportation."

The Critical Mass SongEdit

  • by Stephen LaMarca of Santa Cruz, CA
  • Around 1996 (?)
  • Source: [2]

Related SongsEdit

Hate TrafficEdit

  • by ?
  • Genre: Punk Rock
  • Source: [3]



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