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Gisborne from Kaiti Hill

Critical Mass in Gisborne (NZ) Edit

on the last Friday of each month.

12.15pm assemble at The Marina carpark then depart 12.30pm, bike around arrive at Soho for a debrief and drink (or back to work) by 1pm.

This year GDC will install cycle lanes along Rutene, Roebuck, Stanley and Lytton Roads, and a continue the Turanganui Walkway/Cycleway project (650m) from Reads Quay to Waikanae Bridge. No further developments have been budgeted for after these developments.

For the really keen, here are some policy/plan suggestions for consideration/discussion amongst interested individuals/groups and with GDC:

  • accelerate the timeframes in the Walking & Cycling Strategy [1] for establishing cycle corridors throughout the city, road user education programmes and incentives for residents (and visitors) to walk and cycle instead of drive within the city;
  • ensure that the WCS actions have financial resources assigned to them within the 2009-2019 Long Term Council Community Plan;
  • investigating the passing of a by-law prohibiting the sale of alcohol in glass bottles by businesses with off-licenses (breweries argue that glass keeps the product colder longer);
  • re-establish and support a community advisory group (including the groups who made submissions during the public consultation in 2003-2004 and cycling groups) to regularly monitor the implementation of the Walking & Cycling Strategy;
  • undertake a formal review of the WCS in 2009 to confirm the identified priorities and plans are still supported by the wider community and initiatives take into account subsequent policy and technology/planning developments;
  • establish a contracted or part-time (0.2FTE) position within GDC to identify and secure funding from outside of GDC to bring forward the implementation of WCS actions.

Contact: Manu Caddie (manu[at] or 0274202957) for more information.

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