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In the forum you can discuss general topics about Critical Mass or if you need help ask questions.

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Mail-attachment Stickied Threads
Deleting request11:29, April 2, 2010Diamant
Internet-group-chat Threads
Issuses with google map extension20:36, September 18, 2011Eulalia459678
Run over at Massa Critica POA, where to make an announcement?19:55, February 27, 2011Tdaitx
Link status updates10:46, September 14, 2010Sonicx059
New template for US cities21:17, June 10, 2010Diamant
Ride Planet Earth22:30, February 14, 2010Diamant
Internation Day of Climate Action in Orange County California22:22, February 13, 2010Diamant
Featured image of the week13:01, September 20, 2009Diamant
New skin19:19, September 14, 2009Diamant
Welcome to the forum15:25, August 11, 2009Diamant
No distance between text and images06:56, July 30, 2009Diamant
Translations of the excellent English Wikipedia article08:47, July 8, 2009Diamant
Multi-language14:47, April 14, 2009MtaÄ
PIcture Alignment11:12, May 12, 2008Diamant

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