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Frequently Asked Questions

Note that this is not an official FAQ of Critical Mass or of this wiki but it would like to pickle possible questions about Critical Mass. Everyone can edit this wiki.

What is Critical Mass?Edit

Critical Mass is a mass participatory event with no leaders or fixed agendas. However the broad aim is to celebrate cycling and sustainable transport, and to give cyclists safety in numbers. See also the Critical Mass article and What is Critical Mass?.

Why do you ride Critical Mass?Edit

Ask 10 riders and you get 10 different answers. Everyone have their own reasons. See also What is Critical Mass?

Who are the leaders?Edit

Critical Mass has and needs no leaders. See also structure of Critical Mass and Xerocracy.

Is this the official web site of Critical Mass?Edit

No, there isn't an official web site. Everyone can have their own site about Critical Mass because Critical Mass is not an organisation or centralized. However this wiki aims to be a community site everyone can edit and a place for free information as many other sites in the web about Critical Mass (see also external links: diskussion and hubs).

External linksEdit


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