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Critical Mass Brno was re-founded in May 2017 and takes place every first Wednesday every month at 19.00. This event is organized by a citizens' initiative Brněnská Cykloguerilla (Bike Guerilla Brno).

Critical Mass in Brno is called "Zkouška sirén" (Siren test) after siren tests which are held in the Czech Republic every first Wednesday at noon.

Meeting point: Moravské náměstí / Moravian square, google maps

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Bicycle rides are documented by local photographer Jakub Kris. Photos are available at his Flickr photostream -

Former bicycle rides Edit

Other bicycle rides have been happening in Brno, however they are different than Critical Mass rides due to their official status.

Most notable were Nakoleon bicycle rides. First Nakoleon mass ride took place on 19th September 2013 and was attended by 1050 people. Second Nakoleona mass ride took place on 20th September 2014 and was attended by 1400 people. Another significant bicycle ride was Great Spring Bicycle Ride on 16th April 2015 attended by 1000+ riders. Those rides were official events organized by local cycling advocacy group Brno na kole (Brno by bicycle) in cooperation with police department and commercial partners.

Past CM rides Edit

2017 October Edit

Snip 20171008124420

2017 October

Around 50 people gathered for CM on 4th October 2017. Critical Mass rode to a north of the city through Technical University student's campus. Route length was 17 km.

2017 November Edit

There were app. 25 riders attending this month. The ride went north again around Lesna neighborhood, total distance of 15 km.

Snip 20171116194431

2017 November

2017 December Edit

December ride featured St. Nicholas theme reflecting Czech traditional custom - riders dressed as Angels, Devils and Nicholases. App. 40 people attended the ride 11 kilometers long.

CM 2017 12 06

2017 December

2018 January Edit

Freezing weather have welcomed 45 riders. The meeting point was moved in front of Supreme Administrative Court at Moravian Square due to temporary ice-ring built in traditional meeting point. The route led riders through some icy road which caused several falls, however there were no injuries. At Nadrazni street a Regio Jet coach driver has driven against critical mass. The same reckless and dangerous driving took place couple of months before. Total length of ride was 13.4 kilometers.

CM 2018 01 03

2018 January

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